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About Us

On April 27th, 2017, I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook and stumbled across a post about a dog named Lexi who was located at the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter in Modesto, CA. The post was a plea begging for a foster or adopter for one of the shelter's longest residents, Lexi, or she would be put down that day at 5 pm due to lack of space. Based on the information provided in the post, she seemed like the absolute perfect dog. So how could anyone just let her die? Unfortunately, this happens on a weekly basis and it is truly heartbreaking. A mass murder is happening to these poor, innocent animals right here in my community. There are too many animals in the world and not enough homes for them due to many reasons. These reasons range from: negligence and irresponsible pet ownership, unregistered backyard breeders, the lack of spay and neuter enforcement by law officials, and strict pet policies for tenants and homeowners which prevent many owners from keeping their animals due to breed restrictions and insurance policies. Hundreds of dogs along with cats are killed every year just at this facility alone and I have decided to take a stand and try my hardest to end this regular tragedy that now has become a norm in our society. After seeing Lexi's plea on Facebook, I decided to go down to the shelter to meet her and if ended up being everything that I read online, then I was going to save her life and foster her. Fast forward almost two years later, Lexi is now living the good life in my home along with my other two dogs. I ended up falling in love with her and adopting her a few weeks into fostering. Since adopting Lexi, I have personally saved, fostered, and adopted out 73 dogs from the same shelter I got Lexi.from I decided to name my company after her because she inspired me and introduced me to my purpose in life and that is to help these animals. A percentage of every purchase you make here at Sexi Lexi Swimwear is set aside to be deposited into a 501c3 pending non-profit rescue called "Lexi's Legacy." Lexi's Legacy is my non profit animal rescue that I am currently working on that will help prevent these dogs from dying in these kill shelters. Lexi's Legacy will assist with spay & neuter costs for personal pets, assist with high cost emergency surgeries that many families are unable to afford which result in euthanasia, assist with the inability to afford pet insurance which result in owners having to surrender their animals at these shelter and lastly, Lexi's Legacy will be able to pull dogs that are currently on kill lists and place them in foster homes while seeking adopters. Wet & Western (formerly Sexi Lexi Swimwear) is an online boutique which provides handmade western inspired swimwear and accessories that will keep you looking summer-ready all year round.